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Life science and research goes a long way and comes a long way. In the past, science was forbidden in some cultures, because it was not Christian. Scientists were chased and sometimes locked in prison. Books were burnt, because they were heretic. In the present, science is no longer limited by such thoughts. This has the effect that science can develop as far as possible. Scientists no longer have to take religions into account and can do as they like. The GC Biotech suppliers have a wide range of products for research and businesses.


DNA alterations

Especially in the science of genomics are endless possibilities. It is now possible to determine the diseases someone has, before that person is even born. It is also possible now to change characteristics of people. In the near future it will probably be possible to choose the appearance of your child. The DNA of the fetus will be changed so it has the perfect hair or eye colour.



Another possibility of the science of genomics is cloning. It has been possible to clone cells for several years now. This means that a cell is exactly duplicated. The science goes so far nowadays that it is even possible to clone animals. Cloning humans is not possible (yet) and is in a lot of countries forbidden. A sheep, called Dolly, has already been cloned several years ago. The GC Biotech suppliers have all sorts of equipment for these kind of activities.


Science equipment

Cloning and other DNA alterations are however a very hard process, which takes a lot of time and effort. It takes way too long to do every step yourself, which means that several steps in the process need to be automated. GC Biotech has every product and all the equipment that is needed to automate processes from the different GC Biotech suppliers. The products are extensively tested en have a very high quality. This makes them perfect for automation life science research in the field of genomics.