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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PvP Guide

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn features two types of PvP. The Wolves Den is unlocked at level 30 and Frontlines become available at level 50.

The Wolves Den is the first Final Fantasy XIV PvP activity. It is unlocked by players who already are in a Grand Company and have also achieved level 30. This type of content supports arena like matches between two groups of four members. There are three level divisions: 30, 40 and 50. The objective is to defeat the enemy team. Players have a number of ways to achieve this goal. All strategies depend on party setup. The most used strategy is to go for the healer first. Both teams will probably use this tactic so setting up a basic attack plan with team mates before the fight begins is a pretty good decision. Teams that decide to go for DPS players first should try to crowd control the enemy healer as much as possible. This tactic is recommended for teams that have good DPS because taking out damage dealers while the healer is up can be pretty challenging. Wolf Marks are obtained for taking part in The Wolves Den arena.

The Frontlines is a massive battlefield that can support up to 72 combatants. Players are divided into three equally sized teams. The Grand Companies team restriction was removed to reduce the queue timers. A Frontlines match last 30 minutes during which players have to accumulate points. The team that obtains a certain number of points wins the game. Points are awarded for killing enemy players, killing monsters and controlling key locations.


Because of the large party size, the best strategy option here is to keep a constant eye on the map and on the chat. Players will usually announce what location needs defending. New players are advised to stick with the group and not wander on their own as each death means points for the enemy. Final Fantasy XIV players that take part in Frontlines should have their characters ready for PvP with key bindings and proper gear. Borderlands Ruins (Slaughter) is team death match mode based on the Frontlines. Team size requirements are the same as normal Frontlines.